Research and Management

It is important for any prospective investors to take informed decision about new venture they plan to launch. Findings of research and updated data are critical to make any such decisions. Keeping this in mind, TTA Nepal plans to set up a specialized research wing that will conduct in-depth researches on changing trend of business, new investment opportunities, changing market trends, changes in the government rules and regulations and their implications and other major development related to trade and investment in Nepal. These round-the-year research works provide TTA Nepal unique strength to provide objective suggestions about investment opportunities and offer various business solutions on real time basis. The findings of the researches are also expected to enable TTA Nepal to give prospective investors ideas about potential sectors and locations for investment.

TTA Nepal team consists of entrepreneurs with good managerial skills. They have experiences of managing big events to running small, medium and big business enterprises. They also have extensive network with people, businesspersons, policy makers and politicians within Nepal and beyond. This situates TTA Nepal to offer management services to host mega events such international conferences and summit level meetings in any parts of the country. For those business entrepreneurs in Nepal, TTA Nepal also provides services to manage their ailing businesses on lease or on the basis of sharing profit.