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About TTA Nepal

TTA Nepal is a group of companies established by young entrepreneurs with diverse expertise and work experience both in Nepal and abroad. As the country embarks in an era of peace and stability after successful conclusion of peace process that brought to an end of the decade-long Maoist conflict, Nepal offers huge opportunity for all prospective investors. Strategic location of the country between world’s two biggest markets — India and China — provides additional reason for investors to put in their hard-earned money in Nepal for safe and profitable return. TTA Nepal as a business conglomerate was established in 2018 with the main objective to capitalize these unique opportunities this Himalayan nation offers.

TTA Nepal envisions working in six different thematic areas, namely IT Services, Foreign Direct Investment, Human Resource Development, Education and International Affairs Support and Real Estate. The company also provides management services to host mega events such international conferences and summit level meetings in any parts of the country. Having also lived and worked abroad for decades, the founders this group of companies aim at assisting prospective foreign investors in Nepal by giving objective and research-based information and data. The ultimate objective of the company is to contribute to national economy by generating employment opportunities and earning foreign currency by means of FDI and Investment mainly in tourism and hospitality sectors.